When to enter the market and sell your house?

When to enter the market and sell your house?

The decision to sell the property you own isn’t something that you should decide on your own. The season in which you enter the market will determine the price of your home which is why you should contact a real estate agent and discuss the possibility of the sale with them. The season shouldn’t be the only thing that determines whether it is a right time to sell the house or not. The emotional attachment and the state of the loans should also play a major part in the decision.

The best seasons for property sale

Spring is a time when people tend to look for new property, and thus the price of it goes up. This is the most optimal time to sell your house and gain the largest amount of money. People wait through winter and holidays to see whether they will be able to buy a house and early spring is the time when they make the decision. Another plus in selling your house in spring is the garden as it will add to the overall beauty of the home and incite people to buy it. The autumn is also a good season for property sale if there isn’t a lot of rain in your area. Too much rain can ruin the looks of the house, and potential buyers won’t come to the open house during bad weather.

Seasons you should avoid when selling your home

Winter isn’t a an option when it comes to property sale due to holidays. People tend to spend a lot of money around Christmas and New Year, and they don’t think about buying a house or anything like that.The summer is similar to winter because people tend to spend a lot of money on various things and they don’t have intention in investment toward a new house. The price of real estate during the summer is flat which  is something that benefits buyers, rather than people that sell. So, you should wait for a couple of months and place the property on sale during the autumn, or even wait for the summer, if your financial situation allows it.

Guide on setting up a perfect open house

Guide on setting up a perfect open house

A successful organization of the open house is something that can sell a property quite quickly. Both the real estate agent and the owner have to work together to organize it properly. Those two should plan the whole thing to avoid unnecessary things from ruining the entire experience to the buyers. The real agent should inform the owner about the type of buyers that will attend and their preferences which should help them to prioritize arrangement of certain aspects of the property that will appeal to buyers and their agents.

Getting down to the basics

The first essential step the owner should do is to clean the house. Every corner of the home should be clean as agents that come to scout the property for their clients tend to check every possible corner and a tight place. The whole house should be depersonalized as it hurts the possibility of a sale. The owner might find it beautiful to have pictures of their family and kids around, but the buyer isn’t interested in that. Floors should be new because they are a big part of the house and the potential buyer will appreciate it, even if they will pay for it at the end. New flooring will make the house more beautiful, so it’s a must if the owner wants to sell the property at a good price. New paint will also appeal to buyers, and a high price will not turn them away. Some people prefer to drop the price instead of doing the floors and painting, but this doesn’t help as the house looks bad and no cost reduction can cover that.

Devil is in the details

Making sure that every possible aspect of the property is in a working order will sell the house near the asking price. This includes the update of the light fixtures and other electronic gadgets. Everything has to work because people will notice if something isn’t perfect. The owner should also take care of the garden to increase the value of the house, as people appreciate beauty. This also applies to the living room, which shouldn’t contain too many things, as minimalism works best for that space.

Questions every real estate buyer should ask

Questions every real estate buyer should ask

Buying a house is a process that lasts for a long time due to all the little things that stand between a good and a bad deal. This means that you will have to check everything to make sure that you aren’t overpaying the property. One option is to hire an inspector that will check every corner of the house. You should ask the owner and the agent that represents them some general questions before you spend money on an inspector.

Questions that might reveal some concerning issues

These inquiries are technical in nature as they will reveal whether there were some issues with various elements of the household in the past. And thus a must ask questions should be aimed at plumbing system and whether there were any pipe bursts in the past. Even if the previous owner claimed the insurance and repaired it, the water damage could have created some additional issues they weren’t aware of. Ask them about it and if there were burst pipes then hire an inspector (plumber) to check the whole plumbing system. You should also check the state of the roof. If the roof isn’t in good shape then it will require replacement which can cost anywhere between five and fifteen thousand dollars. Ask the homeowner about the age of the roof and that, with the climate of the region, will tell you a lot about the roofing and the necessity of the replacement. Questions about the type of insulation are a must as well. Inadequate insulation in the attic will increase the energy bills as the heat will disperse through it. The lack of proper insulation will reduce the overall price of property, so do make sure that everything is good in this department.

Ask the questions and hire professionals to confirm the answers

The owner will answer most of the questions honestly, but that doesn’t mean that they know everything about the house. The best way to make sure that the property corresponds with the asking price is to hire professionals to check it thoroughly. This will cost you some money, but the possibility of paying thousands for unnecessary repairs means that it’s worth hiring the professional inspectors.

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